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Point of sale

A Fully Integrated Cloud Based Point of sale Solution Offering Online
and Offline Capabilities

We maximize our customer’ profitability by enabling far greater levels of engagement at
the point of purchase. Our innovative cloud based solutions unleash the power of
aggregated big data, whilst still being affordable and easy to use.

How is your overall POS experience

SPEED and ACCURACY is what we’re about. Point of Sale increases business revenue, lowers costs and provides customers with a satisfying experience so it would be beneficial for it to be fast and efficient, making them happy and your company pretty popular.

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what we offer to you


Speed drives faster service, which opens up doors to upselling and allowing additional items to the customer’s bill or cart. Speedy service means your customers are not left waiting long. Three cheers for an innovative POS that ensures that orders get out in no time!


An innovative Point Of Sale that prides itself in being easy to use means that there’s little room for making mistakes when placing orders. Correct orders can only lead to happy, returning customers and a business that works on profit, not loss.


What to expect

  • Quick service
  • Happy customers
  • Return revenue

Our accuracy

Next four accuracy

  • Efficient services
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Customer satisfaction

our latest features

  • Platform compatibility
  • Shift management
  • Finger print access
  • Barcode printing
  • Customer statements
  • Recipe management


    Platform Capability

    Our TallOrder Point of Sale software works on iOS, Android and Windows compatible devices. Feel free to browse through our recommended hardware.


    TallOrder POS integrates with cutting-edge card readers, allowing your business to accept payments from card-carrying customers with ease. Meaning that you never have to miss out on future sales!


    TallOrder POS integrates seamlessly with leading Hospitality Property Management Systems. These integrations allow guests to charge items from hotel restaurants, gift shops, spas, etc. to their room number with ease. Make paying even more convenient for your guests!


    Extend your revenue stream with TallOrder ToGo! Let your customers order and pay directly from any device, anywhere. You approve the orders and prepare them for collection or once payment is made.


    We offer deep, order-line integration to Sage and other Cloud-based accounting software systems, letting you enjoy faster, more accurate accounting with no duplications.


    Loyalty programmes entice customers to return to your establishment, therefore increasing sales. TallOrder’s Solution can be set up to receive currency or points based rewards, allowing them to build and redeem when necessary. Loyalty tiers can also be set up.


    We offer integration with leading digital Payment Service/ Mobile Wallets Providers, as well as payment via NFC technology. No matter how your customer would like to pay for their desired item, our integrated system will be able to process the payment quickly and easily.


    A lay-by allows a customer to pay off their purchases in installments. Here, stock items are reserved until payment is paid off. TallOrder can process items as a lay-by, therefore allowing for more sales as various income brackets can now afford to pay off their purchases.


    Our MailChimp integration will help track specific trends and preferences, allowing business owners to customise and personalise communication with their customer, therefore increasing customer satisfaction with targeted emails that are of interested to certain groups.


    Easily assign credit limits as well as payment terms, allowing customers to purchase or buy on credit, offering them yet another way to pay!


    Promotions are structured methods of passing on a discount to a customer to stimulate further sales. Promotions can be automatically calculated by the TallOrder POS, giving the customer the best deal and increasing customer satisfaction.


    Cloud computing is affordable, flexible, remote controlled, secure and collaborative. It also takes care of security back-ups, software updates and integration.


    Manage your products and pricing, control purchase orders, suppliers, stock levels and manage sales trends through reporting.


    The TallOrder POS will keep functioning even if Internet connectivity is down or disrupted. As soon as Internet connectivity is up again, all transactions will be synced to the Cloud.


    The secure Cloud-based data warehouse enables flexible, fast and accurate reporting, easily accessible and displayed, placing your business’ key metrics at your fingertips to be accessed anywhere, anytime.


    The TallOrder Point of Sale Solution can be fixed or mobile. This means that the POS device can move from counters to tables and around stores, therefore saving time for customers during the ordering and purchasing process.


    Our smart backend solution allow staff to enter orders and purchase quickly and with ease. The intuitive UI helps avoid mistakes and assists in upselling, helping complete orders in record timing.


    Thorough support for all customers is only a call or email away. Our helpful support team is ready to answer your queries 24/7.


    Manage and update pricing across all restaurants/retail chains with ease. You will also be able to view real-time reporting and other live metrics of all applicable branches.


    Vouchers can be used at the point of sale to apply discounts and process coupons, as well as issuing loyal customer memberships. All of these actions can be managed through the power of an integrated Point of Sale and Vouchering engine.

    Introducing mytab


    Using a second device directed towards the customers, mytab allows you to display orders, tax info, loyalty info, QR codes for payments and discounts to customers during the checkout process.

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